COATECH offers customers, mechanical assembly service of electronic systems and devices, including control systems and electronic sensors for security, firefighting, smart home and more. This service allows great savings in time and high financial cost needed to complete the project.


Conformal coating services for PCB (acrylic coating, polyurethane coating, silicone coating), in order to protect PCB and electronic components function from damages, include: short, corrosion, fungus, bacteria, disintegration of soldering, damage to the printed circuit surface and more.


Bonding and gluing processes for electronic components on PCB, allowing to components, circuits and electronic systems to provide high survival capability in extreme conditions of vibration and hit. All variety of adhesives material are approved for using by any military industries in Israel.


PCB cleaning and washing processes, using advanced cleaning machine – “Degreaser”. This services include removing of: existing coating, oil and tin residue, melting the solder pastes, and any other pollutant that can damage the functioning of the circuit.

All Types Of Coatings:

Acrylic coating-resistant to moisture, salinity and dust.
Polyurethane coating-resistant to chemical vapor.
Silicone coating-resistant to extreme temperatures.
Epoxy coating-absolute sealing of the circuit.
Water resistant coating-resistant to water.

COATECH – At Three Minutes…

All types of protections:

Preventing: corrosion, rust, fungus, disintegration of solder and components, disconnection, short, tin whiskers.
Protection in extreme work conditions.

Our clients come from all Industries:

General Civil Industry:
All types of electronic systems:
traffic lights, automatic gates, watering control systems, control systems for agriculture, control systems for gas stations and chemical production station.

Security Industry:
All types of security systems:
sensors and control panels for security and fire fighting, security cameras, alarm systems and more.

Military Industry:
All types of military electronic systems:
In the air, sea and land.

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